I live in Colorado where the locals go wild over our brilliant aspens. These trees turn a beautiful yellow and if you know where to look, you will find entire mountainsides burning brightly in the afternoon sun. The vision is quite lovely, despite my mad love affair with New England autumn.

Every year my husband and I make time to hike in some of our favorite spots to enjoy the fall foliage. I always bring my camera and this year decided I wanted to interpret what I see differently. So we set out on two of our favorite trails and I brought my Lensbaby Soft Focus lens to render what I see in a new way.

These type of images will not appeal to everyone, but so speak to me. I’ve always been more interested in photography that has a bit of a blur and provides viewers a more intimate interaction. Crystal clear photographs are lovely, but as an artist, I am always seeking a new challenge.

Below are some of my recent fall favorites (shot on Nikon D750 with Lensbaby Soft Focus lens):