Visual Stories

I am an artist and writer based in Louisville, Colorado using a camera to explore topics from a narrative-based perspective. My work aims to create connection with my audience through exploring themes such as evidence of our existence, transience, memory and attention.

Nature is a powerful influence on my work as is bearing witness to evidence of my own aging in a youth-obsessed culture. Through photographic exploration and poetry, I share how I experience these things.

I'm inviting you to pay attention

Now in my sixties, I am unable to multi-task. I find myself sitting on my patio for well over an hour most mornings watching hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees enjoy my garden. This feels sacred and deserving of my attention.

Smoothing on moisturizer or the daily brewing of coffee also feel sacred. I sense that time is permeable as I witness how our lives live on in the traces we leave behind.

We often turn away from aging and decay. I am not immune to fearing impermanence. Yet, exploring the art of being alive, of aging, aware of my own temporary presence, is something I hear as a calling to honor ordinary moments. I’m inviting you to join me in the art of attention.

I believe art is one of the most powerful vehicles of self-expression there is. Through art we have the ability to document history, provide glimpses of our human vulnerability, and travel to places we might not otherwise go. Through art, we share our stories with one another and learn we are not alone.


I was recently interviewed  about my creative process and where I find inspiration here.

Work in process for 2024: “Remember Me” is a series that includes photographs and writing by participants about how they hope to be remembered. I am still seeking volunteers who would like to participate who live in the Boulder and Boston area. There is no fee to participate and interested parties should reach out via the Contact Us page.

“Blooming Happy” will be on exhibit at North Boulder Recreation Center during the month of March beginning 3/2. All work will be available for sale.

My poem “Home” and photograph “Lovely Lupines” has been included in “Tributaries” a collection of art and writing published by Twenty Bellows

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