Visual Stories

I am an artist and writer based in Louisville, Colorado who uses a camera to explore topics from a narrative-based perspective. My work aims to create connection with my audience through exploring themes such as the natural world, transience, memory and attention.

Nature is a powerful influence on my work as is exploring the process of growing older in a youth-obsessed culture. Through photographic series and poetry, I explore how I experience these things as an artist.

I want to take you to magical places

I’ve spent years taking pictures of and writing about places I’ve been. Whether on a mountain trail here in Colorado or while traveling in Scotland, Italy, Mexico or my own backyard, I’m often influenced by ordinary objects, and the challenge to capture the emotion of a place or the essence of an experience.

I love going barefoot, the lupines and roses in my garden, a good cup of joe, reading, solitude, hiking and skiing at Brainard and hugging friends.

As an artist, my camera is one element in my toolbox that I use to explore topics I’m curious about whether it be memory, flowers, domestic spaces or impermanence.  Things like shadows in a canyon, tall pines backlit by the sun, and self portraits where I dress up and take on a different persona are all things I’ve experimented with. I believe art is one of the most powerful vehicles of self-expression there is.

Through art we document history, provide glimpses of our human vulnerability, and travel to places we might not otherwise go. Through art, we share our stories with one another and learn we are not alone.

Witness My Work:

Wise Women and Magnificent Men portraits on exhibit at North Boulder Recreation Center for the month of September 2023

My photograph, “Steam” is on view at Denver’s D’Art Gallery from 9/28-10/22 as part of the Women’s Caucus for Art Colorado’s Atmosphere exhibit

My poem “Home” and photograph “Lovely Lupines” has been included in “Tributaries” a collection of art and writing published by Twenty Bellows

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