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Photography is art, and a good photograph is far more than technically ideal.

I’ve spent years taking pictures of places I’ve been. Whether on a mountain trail here in Colorado or while traveling in Scotland, Italy, Mexico or my own backyard, I’m captivated by the stories that can be told and shared through observation and patience.

I love going barefoot, the lupines and roses in my garden, a good cup of joe, solitude, hiking and skiing at Brainard and hugging friends.

Creating visual stories that invoke emotion in my viewer is my goal as an artist.

While I began my photography adventure with portraits, today I tend to work through narrative series. I’m an introvert and deeply curious individual who views art as an avenue to connection and a deeper understanding of the human experience.

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Now for the official Artist bio:

ROBIN E. SALCIDO is an artist, writer, and nature lover who is based in Louisville, Colorado. She uses digital photography and language to explore the passage of time and the art of attention. Questioning conventional cultural perspectives around growing older and impermanence, Robin believes that the ordinary cycle of life is beautiful, matters, and is deserving of our attention and celebration. At the age of 64, she finds a sacred delight in the layers and layers of ways our minds and bodies evolve as we become older and how every life has an impact.

 Salcido is influenced by the Japanese aesthetic of Wabi Sabi and spotlights the imperfection and transience of life, through haziness created by in-camera multiple-exposure and slow shutter speed. She often performs for the camera in staged tableaus in her exploration. The haziness created by in-camera multiple-exposure and slow shutter speed is meant to summons the temporary and blurry image of memory and the distortion of recollection. Robin believes flaws are what make the act of living interesting, precious and beautiful. The art of making and materials used, from ink to paper, all have meaning. She works alone, meditatively trusting her instincts to dictate what is needed. Robin creates art to connect with others and encourage thought as it relates to the narrative of life’s chapters and the traces we leave behind.

 Robin retired from her previous career as a visual merchandising consultant to enjoy creating art full time. Her work has been shown locally in Denver’s D’Art Gallery and Core Art Space, Louisville Senior Center, North Boulder Recreation Center and Louisville Public Library. Her poem “Home” and photograph “Lupine Ladies” will be published in “Tributaries” due to be released this fall by Twenty Bellows. Robin was awarded an artist-in-residency at Rocky Mountain National Park in 2012. She has written op-ed, features, and worked as an editor for two trade publications.

 Previous photography series include the “Wise Women” and “Magnificent Men” projects which she began on her 60th birthday featuring photographs and interviews of men and women over the age of 50 in Boulder County. This work, which was displayed in a variety of Boulder locations in 2023, began out of a frustration with American culture as it relates to age. She felt a disconnect with how the media defined this decade, as if once you reached the age of 60 you needed fixing. Through this project she began to make peace with her aging body and become more attuned to her own temporary existence.

 “Blooming Happy,” a series of unique floral images intended to delight viewers and celebrate nature has been exhibited in local Louisville locations as well.


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