It feels like winter has been long this year, but last week spring was in full bloom! I was in California visiting family when I came upon these lovely flowers. At first glance I thought they were lupines, but I don’t think they are. Oh, the signs of spring!

My portrait photography is what guides me when I see something in nature I want to photograph. The important elements remain composition, exposure, aperture, and so on. But, like when photographing human beings, I try to make a connection with what I am shooting. Sounds strange I know, but I believe flowers have a story to tell, and these flowers were full of bees, happy bees!

I photograph in all weather, but when spring comes, so does color. Portraits in spring, summer and fall are almost effortless in natural settings. Even better, my subjects are comfortable and my fingers don’t freeze!

I’m booking into the end of April and I’d love to see what stories you have to share too. Reach out here to talk about your spring session.