As an artist, I pay particular attention to the work of other artists, noting what appeals to me. The past few weeks, I have been most drawn to muted palettes and monochromatic landscape images and self portrait. I was then curious how subtle contrast would look in portrait form. When I am in experimentation mode, I like to use myself and this time was no different. I got to work using a white background while wearing a white dress with delicate appliqued flowers, a tripod and a remote. The contrast comes only from my skin and hair and I kept the images soft and gentle. As I progressed through the self portrait project, I was most drawn to the soft focus and blur. This appeals to me because though it leaves details out, it trusts my observers to fill in the blanks. We become connected.

My process for the past few years has also been an adventure, a study of who we are after the age of fifty. If I had to describe my creative process, it would be one of seeking. I know there is enormous beauty in the lines upon our face, the gray in our hair. I want to share this perspective with you.

“Make what you most need to find.” ~ Sabrina Ward Harrison

I am making what I need to find.