As a photographer and writer, I am incredibly curious about aging. What does it mean to get older in America? How do we view the process and those that are ahead of us? What are the blessings and what are the challenges? And why can’t we see aging for what it is without trying to pretend it isn’t happening to us? Getting older is a normal part of life which I believe is to be celebrated! So, in conjunction with the Wise Women Project I am excited to announce the launch of the Magnificent Men Project! These are the stories of men in our community over the age of 50. Want to participate? Learn more here.

How old are you?  58

What is your primary work today?

I am the Founder and Visionary for Avid4 Adventure focusing on 2-10 year planning. Founder and CEO for WorkBright. Child Care Initiative Lead for Energize Colorado.

How has your professional life evolved as you became older?

I’m much less “thrown” by the ups and downs of life and business, living more in a high commitment (to the direction or goal) but low attachment (to the means or my understanding of the bigger picture).

What about your personal life?

My meditation practice and daily outdoor activities have formed a foundation of self-care that allows me to show up as my best self for my family, my employees, and through my service.

Has your age changed the way you approach work in any way?

More and more, I spend my time working within my unique ability: creating that vision that enrolls those around me to move through uncertainty toward future goals while achieving work/play/family balance.

What worries you most about the future?

My biggest concern is the climate change nightmare that we are passing on to the next generations to deal with.

What is the hardest thing about getting older, in your opinion?

Having to change expectations about what my body can do.

What is the best thing about getting older, in your opinion?

Wisdom and evolving discernment.

Why did you want to participate in this project?

Frankly, it is challenging for me to embrace the fact that I’m approaching 60. I feel my body moving more slowly and taking longer to heal. I sense that my mind is not as quick as it has been in the past. These are aspects of myself that I often choose not to face. So, this project, which brings forward the grace and wisdom of aging and brings me into a circle of men on a similar journey, gives me an opportunity for learning and growth that I welcome. I also wanted to support you as a photographer and to be involved with a community project.